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Red level fitness was formed to become the best home for both personal trainers and for clients wishing to achieve their goals, below is our definition of what personal training is all about.


First and foremost the key aspect of personal training is all about goal setting. It’s all about having a target that you can achieve, without a target what chance of success?


Setting the goals to your objective is only the first step on your journey to achieving them. What your personal trainer will do over the weeks, months and years is set challenging yet achievable objectives within your agreed timescales. These will be measured and adapted as you progress on your path to better you.


Nutrition plays a big role in personal training. Approximately 60 to 70% of your success is going to be derived from how you eat, what you eat and when you eat. Ask yourself the question ‘how is my diet today’? , ‘How many times have I eaten today’? and ‘What is my carbohydrate, protein and fat balance’?. The chances are you don’t know the answers to these questions, and those answers you do know may well be wrong! Your personal trainer is a specialist in nutrition including the timing, the frequency and the content of your daily fuel intake.


The last aspect of personal training is accountability. What that really means is that by scheduling a Red Level Fitness personal trainer to work with,  booking in a time for you to come to the gym and using the services of a fully qualified professional, you have a commitment to meet . If for any reason you can’t make a training appointment, you know that you will be answerable for it, to yourself and the trainer that is helping you on your journey.


The accountability aspect of personal training helps you to build consistency. It also leads to clear and defined results over a period of time, the trainer will be adapting your program on a regular basis as you progress and as you need to be stretched.


Motivation comes of accountability the more you see your trainer the more you get to know each other the more you work as a team to achieve your personal goals. There is no magic wand. Personal training will always involve hard work and effort on your behalf, but with a personal trainer working alongside you at all times you know you will get to your objective it is just a matter of time.


Now that you understand our concept of personal training why delay? Speak to Red Level today establish those goals work together to build a nutritional plan that works for you. Achieve your goals of weight loss, muscle growth, sports improvement, injury rehabilitation, body building, fitness improvement, combating the effects of ageing in fact the list is almost endless, choosing your objectives to build a bespoke training package is the next step.



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